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25 December 2015

Safe Christmas Holidays!

Foto: Peter Frischmuth/Hollandse Hoogte

On Christmas Eve a clergyman wrote in one of our national newspapers that over the period leading up to the holiday the churches had been fuller than in other years, because people had been seeking, at this time, a safe place to go. Just like in the bible story, I thought, when Mary and Joseph, having been turned away from the inn (full is full!), had to go and look for a stable; or like the refugees who have arrived at last in emergency accommodation, and even there don't always feel safe. Amongst all the violence in the world, the longing for security is indeed on the rise. That so many people in search of a feeling of security go to a place of worship demonstrates that you don't have to immediately associate security with riot cops or soldiers with drawn guns. Security has to go outwards from within, when you don't feel threatened but remain open to others, even if, amongst the billions of people on earth, there are some who undermine our safety. The Christmas message that 'love overcomes all' is more important than ever in these turbulent times.

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21 December 2015

Harry van Bommel: ‘Allies’ give support to ISIS

Foto: SP

Almost eighteen months ago, under the leadership of the United States, a military intervention against ISIS began in Iraq and Syria. Since then it has to be said that the aims of this action have not been achieved. 

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20 December 2015

Tuur Elzinga on the OECD: 'The OECD is more than a club for wealthy countries'

Neoliberal ideology is no longer holy writ at the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Partly thanks to the efforts of SP Senator Tuur Elzinga, the OECD is focusing more on a broader concept of prosperity and on inclusive and sustainable growth. SP Senator Elzinga answers questions from Tijmen Lucie.

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18 December 2015

Kox: 'Human rights situation deteriorating ever further in Ukraine'

Foto: SP

The ban on the Communist Party of Ukraine is a flagrant violation of the right to freedom of expression and the right of association and should be immediately reversed, according to Amnesty International. Amnesty's statement came in reaction to the judicial decision taken this week in Kiev, a ruling which led to the ban on the party participating in elections. SP Senator Tiny Kox, president of the left group in the Council of Europe, supports Amnesty International's call. 'It is extremely sad to see Ukraine becoming ever worse when it comes to respect for fundamental rights. These rights, which include freedom of expression, association and assembly, are guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights, which Ukraine as a member state of the Council of Europe has committed itself to uphold, but which it is instead increasingly making a mess of.'

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14 December 2015

Stop legalised profit-smuggling!

Foto: SP

Multinationals are avoiding paying $250 billion per year in taxes by making use of legalised profit-smuggling routes. The losses come at the expense of workers, small businesses and developing countries. Time to raise public awareness and to take action, as could be seen at last Saturday's debate at the SP's De Moed headquarters, when a public discussion was held under the title 'The Netherlands: an amusement park for big capital'.

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12 December 2015

Oil flows through Cañete’s veins

By Anne Marie Mineur - European Commissioner Miguel Arias Cañete is a jovial man. He jokes, claps you on the shoulders and gives the impression that he is just as worked up about climate change as are the rest of us. We’re doing this together, is the message, and he’s there for us. But we shouldn’t attach much value to his words, as you’ll see if we examine his deeds.

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