Success: No price hikes at the pump and in public transport

21 September 2023

Success: No price hikes at the pump and in public transport

Foto: SP

Filling up at the pump and a ticket for public transport have become tremendously expensive. The Dutch Socialist Party wants the cost of transportation to be reduced for both those who drive cars and those who rely on public transport. 

More and more people are seeing the cost of living go and up and up. Also the cost of getting to work and going to see family and friends. Another tax increase at the pump will make the use of a car unaffordable for people. The price increases for the bus, metro and train are also making public transport too expensive for a growing number of people. We will not stand for this. Proposals on this topic submitted by the SP along with other parties have been accepted.

The SP does not differentiate between working people and students who depend on their car or rely on public transport. Keeping transportation and other basic provisions affordable for people is, as far as the SP is concerned, a real social choice.

The SP submitted two proposals for keeping the cost of public transport down. First off, the planned tax increase on fuel is no longer going through. The SP has jointly prevented a considerable increase of up to 21 cents per litre as of 1 January. This is hugely important for millions of Dutch citizens who live in places where public transport has all but disappeared and for people who currently have no alternative to taking the car. The SP has also prevented ticket prices for public transport from further increasing so that travelling by bus or train is still a viable and affordable option.

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