We need a ceasefire now!

14 November 2023

We need a ceasefire now!


The violence in Gaza must stop. We cannot accept more and more innocent victims and the fact that aid is hardly allowed. The Dutch government must speak out in no uncertain terms: a ceasefire is needed immediately.

Hamas' attack on 7 October on innocent Israeli civilians was horrific and must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. The hostage civilians must be released immediately.

The massive bombing by the Israeli army has displaced more than 1 million Palestinians and killed over 11,000, including thousands of children. This is against international law. There is a huge shortage of water, food and medicine. The blockade of Gaza must be lifted as soon as possible.
Weapons are shipped to Israel from the Netherlands. They include parts for JSF fighter jets used to bomb cities in Gaza. There is even a proposed treaty in the Senate that would strengthen military cooperation between Israel and the Netherlands.

For this reason, we make the following plea:

  1. There must be a ceasefire at once. We must make all efforts to help the population in Gaza and release the Israeli hostages.
  2. The Netherlands must immediately stop arms exports to Israel. The treaty that steps up military cooperation between the Netherlands and the Israeli army must be taken off the table.
  3. Negotiations must be started to reach a sustainable two-state solution in which the Palestinian and Israeli peoples can live in security and peace.

This call has been made into a petition (in dutch).

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