Public responds via the Health Care Hotline: we want investments, not budget cuts!

19 September 2023

Public responds via the Health Care Hotline: we want investments, not budget cuts!

Foto: SP

This year, the Dutch Socialist Party dubbed the State of Nation Hotline (which people can call in response to the State of the Nation address) as the ‘Health Care Hotline’. People who can no longer afford the own-risk deductible or are struggling to pay for home care, for example, were able to reach the Health Care Hotline until 6:00 PM. SP Parliament Members and care providers were standing by, ready to listen to their concerns and stories.

People are seriously concerned about the state of health care – this was apparent from the 200 calls the SP Parliament Members received. Care providers explained the level of bureaucracy they face in health care and that their colleagues are at their wits’ end. The high cost of living is also impacting people. They can no longer afford the own-risk deductible, which results in people avoiding getting the care they need.

The Cabinet would be wise to listen to us and the care providers and take the budget cuts off the table. But, this alone, is not enough. There can be no cutting back on health care, instead, investments must be made. The results from our elderly care hotline show that care for the elderly is already faltering. Half of the care providers is considering leaving the sector. At the “Prinsjesdag” Protest on Sunday, we heard the personal stories of care providers. Investments in our health care system are urgently needed. 

On “Prinsjesdag”, the SP demanded special attention for health care. In addition to setting up the Health Care Hotline, SP Members of Parliament brought care providers to attend the King’s state of the nation address. Specialised nursing professionals Elham Rostai and Gladys Vianen attended to stand up for their work at hospital. Nurse Ina Kreuning and caregiver Jolanda Sessink also joined them to represent professional caregivers in nursing homes; Suzanne in den Haak and Gert Muller came to stand up for their work at the GGZ, Sandra van de Westelaken was there to represent community care, and Didi Wittekoek attended on behalf of dentists.

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