The Cabinet is allowing poverty to increase – unacceptable!

19 September 2023

The Cabinet is allowing poverty to increase – unacceptable!

Foto: SP

The number of people living in poverty will rise again next year. The outgoing Cabinet is failing to keep its promises, not solving problems and only continuing to pick up the pieces. The Dutch Socialist Party wants to see structural solutions that will ensure people can make ends meet.

A minimum wage of 16 euro, abolishing health care deductibles, more affordable groceries and public transport and a lower energy bill. We will pay for this by fairly taxing the profits of major corporations, as well as the super-rich. A logical choice considering that over 300 billion euro in profit was earned last year and the number of millionaires in the Netherlands is growing. With additional taxation of major corporations and the super-rich, we can reduce costs and increase incomes for people. During the upcoming general political debates, the SP will provide proposals for this.

The good news is that the budget cuts in elderly care are partially off the table thanks to pressure from care providers and the SP. The SP, however, wants all health care budget cuts off the table and we want to make investments so we can rebuild our health care system. Eliminate the market from health care so that care providers can adequately do their work again. To reinforce this message, SP Members of Parliament brought care providers as guests to attend the King’s state of the nation address.
On the “Prinsjesdag” protest organised by the SP, thousands of people gathered together to fight for a fair Netherlands. Their message: It is time to start rebuilding the Netherlands again!

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