“Prinsjesdag” Protest

17 September 2023

“Prinsjesdag” Protest

Foto: SP

Today, nearly 2000 people gathered to stand up for the Netherlands during the “Prinsjesdag” Protest in The Hague. Days before “Prinsjesdag”, the Dutch Socialist Party wanted to steer the outgoing Cabinet’s plans in another, more social direction.

In her speech, SP leader Marijnissen called on the Cabinet to take action to curb poverty in the Netherlands. While major corporations are earning over 300 billion euro in profit, more than 800,000 people are living in poverty. Health care premiums are rising, as are the costs of energy and the price of groceries. Action must be taken now.

Before the summer, the Lower House of Parliament had accepted the resolution submitted by Marijnissen/van der Plas which stated the growing poverty numbers must be halted now that the Cabinet had fallen. The outgoing Cabinet must fulfil this promise now. The SP has prepared specific plans to combat poverty. Increase the minimum wage to 16 euro. Eliminate the VAT on foodstuffs and transport to ensure the price of groceries and costs of public transport are reduced. Maximise the energy bill and nationalise our energy sector.

The SP also demanded special attention for our health care system. Investments are needed in health care, not budget cuts. The SP is committed to getting next year’s scheduled budget cuts off the table and is therefore applying pressure now. We must choose for a market-free health care system in which care providers make decisions, not health insurance companies. The same care providers who spoke at the “Prinsjesdag” Protest will attend the King’s state of the nation address at the Royal Theatre dressed in white and accompanied by the SP Members of Parliament on Tuesday 19 September. This is how the SP wants to focus attention on the important work carried out by care providers and the upcoming budget cuts in health care.

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