Thousands demonstrate against TTIP

10 October 2015

Thousands demonstrate against TTIP

Foto: SP

On Saturday thousands of people joined the demonstration against the notorious treaty between the European Union and the United States, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). SP Member of Parliament Jasper van Dijk was one of them, and he addressed the activists on just what was wrong with the TTIP. This is what he told them:

There’s a Spectre haunting Europe, the spectre of super-capitalism, disguised as a treaty with an impossible name

A treaty which will destroy our democracy

A treaty that will set in motion a murderous competitive battle

A treaty that gives a clear run to multinationals.

A treaty that places no value on health and sustainability.

A treaty that sees social laws as suspect in advance, because they are simply an obstacle for businesses.

A treaty that joins two superpowers together, in uniformity.

A treaty that exchanges good jobs for junk jobs.

Because trade between the US and Europe will become a race to the bottom.

A treaty that gives corporations the right to lodge sky-high claims for damages should a country have the nerve to seek to protect its people.

Because TTIP is a constitution for multinationals, a festival for corporations which crap on democracy.

TTIP isn’t a trade treaty, it’s a stranglehold treaty.

What TTIP really stands for is Terror Trade Investment Program.

But TTIP won’t come, we’ll make sure of that.

We are going to bury TTIP at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

They've got the money, but we've got the numbers!

And not only TTIP, but also CETA, the treaty with Canada.

CETA is TTIP by the back door.

The same uniformity, those same claims for damages

Today we will take our leave of these mega-treaties, because we don’t want them.

So we say, Farewell CETA, Farewell TTIP.

Farewell super-capitalism.

TTIP is dead, long live democracy

Foto: SP

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