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17 January 2022

The consequences of Rutte 4

Last week they were on the steps of the King’s palace, glowing with pride, the members of the 4th Rutte government cabinet. At the same time tens of thousands of people were in long queues in the cold city of Groningen. They were waiting for a chance to get some money to ease the misery of the impact of the earthquakes caused by gas extraction. The money available was sufficient for only half of the people. A matter of first come, first served. This was humiliating for the queueing people. It was shameful for our country. It was destructive to faith in government.

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2 January 2022

The Netherlands is not going to rid the world of nuclear weapons

Foto: SP

The new Dutch government coalition agreement contains the promise of an active commitment to 'a world free of nuclear weapons'. How is the new Minister of Foreign Affairs going to do that? In the summer of 2022, the first four JSF aircraft will arrive at Volkel Air Base. The intention is that these fighter jets will be equipped with modernised nuclear bombs in the near future. This is a consequence of the NATO membership ('nuclear sharing'). It means that the Dutch air force is ready to deploy American nuclear weapons. In fact, the Netherlands is a nuclear weapon country.

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