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8 October 2001

‘Attacks on Afghanistan Inhuman, Ineffective and Counterproductive’

The Socialist Party of the Netherlands is the only Dutch parliamentary political party to have spoken out in opposition to Bush and Blair’s war. Their five Members of the "Tweede Kamer", the lower house of the Dutch parliament, condemned unequivocally the approach taken by the United States in the fight against terrorism, viewing the Anglo-American attacks as inhuman, ineffective and counter-productive.

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1 October 2001

Senator Bob Ruers calls for international action for asbestos victims

SP Senator Bob Ruers, who has supported Dutch victims of asbestos for years (and with great successes) took part in a South American conference on asbestos in Buenos Aires, October 2001. Here you can read his speech at the conference.

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20 September 2001

SP pleads for non-violent response to terrorist attack US

The SP is deeply shocked by the attacks against innocent US citizens. The atrocity of the attack in which thousands of men women and children were killed outranks any previous action in terms of horror and suffering. The world has every reason to be in horror. The SP fears for a chain of terror and retribution. An escalation of violence will enhance the contrasts in the world and jeopardise world peace.

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27 July 2001

MEP Erik Meijer: ‘Pronk is not the saviour of the Kyoto treaty’

‘All 180 participating countries gave minister Pronk a standing ovation at he closing meeting’, a Dutch newspaper reported at the final day of the climate summit in Bonn. Member of the European Parliament for the SP Erik Meijer sees no reason to join in the applause. ‘Kyoto has been reduced to almost nothing.’

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27 July 2001

‘Our mission after Genoa is to broaden the resistance against globalisation’

Though Harry van Bommel – SP Member of Parliament – felt the teargas in his throat and saw the havoche rioters made in Genoa, he was deeply touched with the widely supported resistance against globalisation. ’I have seen the crowds passing by, students, people from workers unions, delegates from several churches and of political parties from all parts of Europe, protesting peacefully. It was very impressing.’

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11 May 2001

SP opposes new euthanasia law

The Socialist Party has voted against the new euthanasia bill. Though the SP is not opposed to euthanasia in general, the new law broadens the possibilities too much to the taste of the party. Socialist member of the Houseof Representatives Agnes Kant explains.

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