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30 December 2004

Prolongation of Dutch mission in Iraq out of the question

The SP sees no reason why Dutch troops should stay in Iraq longer than scheduled. In line with earlier statements from Minister of Defence Henk Kamp, the government should end the military presence in Al Muthanna by 15th March at the latest.

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29 December 2004

Disquiet over international network of secret prisons

The SP has asked the Dutch government for an explanation of what is behind reports in the international media regarding a network of secret prisons, allegedly used by the United States for the interrogation of suspected terrorists. Accusations of torture have also been made. Prisoners have been temporarily posted to countries where methods of interrogation are employed which are forbidden under both US and international law.

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22 December 2004

Talking Turkey doesn’t mean an instant ‘yes’ to EU membership

SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel has expressed his approval of the government’s approach to the question of Turkish EU membership as demonstrated in their actions since last weekend’s Brussels Summit. “I’m particularly pleased with the maintenance of the so-called ‘emergency stop procedure’. The opening of accession negotiations should not be seen as automatically signalling that Turkey’s application will inevitably be successful.”

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21 December 2004

SP supports Amnesty International action for Darfur

As part of an international write-in action for parliamentarians, Harry van Bommel has written to the Sudanese parliament expressing his concerns over the situation in the country, and above all in the province of Darfur.

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15 December 2004

Time for emergency landing for JSF

Now that Minister Zalm and Secretary of State Van Gennip are embroiled in a scrap with industry over payment for the JSF project, there is, in the view of SP Member of Parliament Krista Van Velzen no other possible course than to withdraw from the whole project, abandoning plans for the American bomber plane. “Either we cut our losses and get out now or throw good money after bad,” said Ms. Van Velzen.

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30 November 2004

A people’s Europe

Dutch Socialist Party MP Harry van Bommel speaks to the Morning Star about his country’s social strife and the EU. Harry von Bommel is a man on a mission. The charismatic Dutch Socialist MP is travelling Europe to speak to left-wing opponents of the European Union constitution.

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