Council of Europe Assembly recognises importance of Social Forum

5 October 2004

Council of Europe Assembly recognises importance of Social Forum

On a proposal from Dutch Socialist Party (SP) Senator Tiny Kox, the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe has, in its autumn session, recognised the importance of worldwide and continent-wide movements such as the World Social Forum and European Social Forum.

This first overt recognition by the 46-country-strong European assembly of the importance of producing alternatives to the present system of world trade and globalisation comes a week before the European Social Forum in London.

Tiny KoxAccording to the SP Senator, who forms part of the Dutch delegation to the Council of Europe, it would be desirable for the parliamentary assembly in future to send representatives to social fora, which have been too often underestimated by both politicians and the media, despite the fact that they have proved to be a great success, attracting in particular young people.

“Instead of closing our ears we should be grateful for the opportunity to listen to all these different voices which offer alternatives to the present lack of development of any kind of truly free and honest world trade and of a more equal world,” said Mr Kox.

For this reason, Kox argues, the Council of Europe needs to send a positive signal to such people. A clear majority of the assembly supported his proposal, which came during a debate over the future of world trade, held in the presence of the director-general of the World Trade Organisation.

The SP is one of many left organisations internationally sending delegations to the European Social Forum in London, while the party’s youth organisation “ROOD” (pronounced ‘rote’, means ‘red’) will also be present at many of the various debates and demonstrations.

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