Killing seals is no way to spend your holidays!

30 September 2004

Killing seals is no way to spend your holidays!

“The killing of seals as a tourist attraction, can it get any sicker?” SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel describes himself as “bewildered” in the face of the Norwegian plan to recruit tourists to shoot seals. The SP has decided on immediate action in the form of an email campaign directed at the Norwegian Embassy and demanded that the Dutch government lodge a strong protest. “If Norway doesn’t come to its senses, we will organise a tourism boycott,” said Mr van Bommel.


Norway has announced that from January it will recruit tourists to shoot seals on the country’s famous fjords. Apparently, the animals eat too many fish. “You can have a jolly time with all the family wiping out seals, perhaps between a walk in the country and a visit to a museum,” Harry van Bommel suggested. “How can they dream up such a thing in what is after all as a rule a civilised country?

“It’s human beings, not seals, who are responsible for declining fish stocks. Instead of selling morbid holidays, the Norwegian government should be lowering its fish quotas,” he added.

The SP has asked the Foreign Minister and the Minister of Agriculture (who is also responsible for fisheries) to lodge a forceful protest with the Norwegian government. “If the Norwegians don’t come to their senses, we will have to organise a tourist boycott,” said Mr van Bommel.

Below is the suggested text of a letter which you can send to the Norwegian Ambassador in your own country.

Dear Excellency,

I was profoundly shocked to read in the press that your country plans to recruit tourists to hunt seals as a form of recreation, supposedly to control their numbers. It is nonsense to claim that the seals eat too many fish and are therefore responsible for declining stocks. Responsibility for this of course lies in reality with overfishing by human beings, and not with the seals. I am therefore writing to urge Norway to prohibit the hunting of seals and instead seek a solution to the problem in, for example, the lowering of catch quotas. Please insist to your government that it forbid this gruesome form of tourism and introduces instead a complete ban on seal-hunting.

Yours sincerely,

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