Disquiet over international network of secret prisons

29 December 2004

Disquiet over international network of secret prisons

The SP has asked the Dutch government for an explanation of what is behind reports in the international media regarding a network of secret prisons, allegedly used by the United States for the interrogation of suspected terrorists. Accusations of torture have also been made. Prisoners have been temporarily posted to countries where methods of interrogation are employed which are forbidden under both US and international law.

The SP has asked the cabinet to give its reaction to reports that, under CIA direction, prisoners have been taken to a large number of different countries where they have been delivered to unpublicised detention centres in which they have been subject to interrogation methods involving torture. The SP is also demanding clarification from the government regarding possible Dutch involvement in human rights abuses, for example as to whether the planes used by the CIA to take prisoners to these torture centres have been allowed to put down in the Netherlands, and if so why.

If reports of the use of such controversial methods prove accurate, the government should summon the American ambassador in order to express its disgust. In addition, pressure should immediately be brought to bear on the countries involved to force them to close these prisons and refuse any further co-operation with human rights abuses of this nature. The International Red Cross and the UN’s Special Rapporteur into Torture should be allowed to inspect the prisons.

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