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23 November 2002

SP Congress establishes new election program and list of candidates

On the 23rd of november 2002 the SP congress discussed the new election program and the proposed list of candidates for the national parliamentary elections, to be held on january 22nd 2003.

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16 October 2002

Dutch government resigns, new elections on january 22, 2003

On wednesday octobre 16 2002, the Dutch coalition government resigned. Main reason is the total chaos in the fraction of one of the coalition-partners, the LPF.

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24 September 2002

Stop the Israeli occupation

The parliamentary fraction of the SP signed the petition ’Stop the Israeli occupations’ and calls on everyone to do the same. The petition is an initiative of a platform of which SP parliamentarian Harry van Bommel is also a member. And you can sign aswell!

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13 August 2002

Statement on Iraq

President Bush is trying to concoct an effective method of warfare against Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, euphemistically speaking of change in government. The consequences, however, will be immense. Primarily for the people of Iraq, but possibly for other countries in the Middle-East as well. On top of that, an attack without a proper casus belli will turn the entire international order upside down. Pleas to start a war against Saddam are short-sighted and irresponsible.

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15 May 2002

Declaration regarding the parliamentary elections of May 15, 2002

At the parliamentary elections of 15th May the SP won the support of 559,000 voters, representing 5.9% of the total poll and a near-doubling of the level of support at the last elections in 1998. The SP now has five MPs in the Tweede Kamer (Second Chamber), the directly elected and more significant house of the Dutch parliament. In addition to more voters, the SP’s election campaign attracted more new members, growing from 27,000 in January to a current total of around 30,000.

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6 May 2002

Declaration on the murder of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn

It was with astonishment that we learned of the cowardly murder of Pim Fortuyn. We were often in agreement as to what was wrong; our solutions, our ideas about how to improve things, differed. The voters had the choice, as they should. That is democracy. It is a disgrace that the bullets which killed Pim Fortuyn also killed this choice. We send his family, friends, those who knew him and those who followed his ideas our sincerest condolences in the face of this loss.

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