SP Congress establishes new election program and list of candidates

23 November 2002

SP Congress establishes new election program and list of candidates

On the 23rd of november 2002 the SP congress discussed the new election program and the proposed list of candidates for the national parliamentary elections, to be held on january 22nd 2003.

It was only 10 months ago that the party congress decided on the election program 2002–2006, with which the SP doubled it’s presence in parliament in the elections of May this year. The turmoil in Dutch politics after the murder of Pim Fortuyn, the rise of his political party and the collapse of government in autumn, made most political parties nervous and started changing their ideology, program, approach and leaders.

The SP didn’t see much need of doing so. The leaders and the political program we adopted earlier this year were ment to last untill at least 2006. And of course, we are doing quite well: from 5 to 9 MP’s in May, and with polls predicting another doubling in the next elections.

The new program therefor doesn’t differ a lot from the "First Turn Left" of January 2002. The current nine members of parliament are all re-electable and the top-25 of candidates only shows a few new names.

Here you find a brief English translation of the new "First Turn Left".

The list of SP candidates for the upcoming election is:

  1. Jan Marijnissen, Oss
  2. Agnes Kant, Doesburg
  3. Harry van Bommel, Amsterdam
  4. Jan de Wit, Heerlen
  5. Krista van Velzen, Den Haag
  6. Piet de Ruiter, Delft
  7. Ali Lazrak, Amsterdam
  8. Fenna Vergeer, Leiden
  9. Arda Gerkens, Haarlem
  10. Hubert Vankan, Kerkrade
  11. Alejandra Slutzky, Amersfoort
  12. Ewout Irrgang, Amsterdam
  13. Hans van Heijningen, Amsterdam
  14. René Roovers, Dongen
  15. Rosita van Gijlswijk, Groningen
  16. Ingrid Dekker, Delft
  17. Jasper van Dijk, Amsterdam
  18. Gerard Harmes, Alphen aan den Rijn
  19. Ineke Palm, Rotterdam
  20. Chandra Jankie, Haarlemmermeer
  21. Henk van Gerven, Oss
  22. Yorick Haan, Schiedam
  23. Mahmut Erciyas, Oss
  24. Tuur Elzinga, Haarlem
  25. Paul Geurts, Horst aan de Maas
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