Russian attack on Ukraine utterly unacceptable

24 February 2022

Russian attack on Ukraine utterly unacceptable

Foto: SP

Russia's military attack on Ukraine is utterly unacceptable. As well as attacks in eastern Ukraine in the Donbas region, Putin has also launched attacks on other cities, including capital Kiev. Reports of casualties and refugees are intensifying.

From the outset, the SP has called for dialogue and diplomacy in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Now Putin unilaterally opted for a military attack, a gross violation of international law. Effective sanctions are therefore necessary.

The SP does not support further military escalation by, for example, sending weapons or military personnel to Ukraine. Everything must be directed towards de-escalation and a political solution to the conflict. As always in war situations, it is not the political elite that suffer, but it is the ordinary people of the country who suffer. That makes war reprehensible.

This article is a translation of an article on www.sp.nl

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