The consequences of Rutte 4

17 January 2022

The consequences of Rutte 4

Last week they were on the steps of the King’s palace, glowing with pride, the members of the 4th Rutte government cabinet. At the same time tens of thousands of people were in long queues in the cold city of Groningen. They were waiting for a chance to get some money to ease the misery of the impact of the earthquakes caused by gas extraction. The money available was sufficient for only half of the people. A matter of first come, first served. This was humiliating for the queueing people. It was shameful for our country. It was destructive to faith in government.

Very few people have good faith in the 4th Rutte cabinet. And that, of course, is not surprising. Clearly, the 4th Rutte cabinet is the relaunch of the 3rd Rutte cabinet, with the same parties and the same ideas. A lot of taxpayer money will be spent, but the fundamental problems in our society are not being solved. People from students to pensioners and from tenants to persons duped by the gas extractions in Groningen have little to expect from this government.

While the economy is doing well, Dutch people do not benefit. Pensioners lose out as state pensions do not increase in proportion to wages. The housing shortage is enormous. Affordable homes are hard to find, but this government wants to start selling lower-coast rental housing and refuses to take a firm line on large investors. Billions in subsidies are put into a climate fund for businesses. Many people's energy bills are skyrocketing, but the big polluters do not have to pay and are actually supported. We can all see that collaboration in healthcare works is much more effective than competition, but the 4th Rutte cabinet still supports market forces. They are even proposing savings on the care for elderly in nursing homes. There will be less money and care will have to be provided by fewer caregivers, while the workload is already so high.

So, things will have to be different. This week is the debate in the House of Representatives on the plans of the 4th Rutte cabinet and obviously the SP will show strong opposition and present its alternatives. Things can be done differently! Rallies and petitions will be organised against the 4th Rutte cabinet and for affordable housing, for honest government, for decent debt generation compensation and for climate justice. This is what we need and what the SP will have to do. Joining forces with everyone who dares to think about a better world. It is vital!

We count on you.

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