SP success: Fire fighters get more say in their work

21 April 2022

SP success: Fire fighters get more say in their work

Foto: SP

Last year, the SP carried out a survey of the Dutch fire brigade. The results were recently shared with the new Minister of Justice and Security. In the debate, the SP submitted several proposals concerning our fire service. SP Member of Parliament Michiel van Nispen wants fire fighters to have more say in decisions relating to their work: 'The Lower House supports us and the fire service. This is good news, because we need the input of the men and women of the fire brigade as to how we can improve their work'.

This week, a majority in the Dutch Lower House also voted in favour of the bill to lay down minimum standards for fire services. This will prevent great quality differences in fire services between safety regions. Safety regions may therefore no longer carry out any irresponsible experiments. In addition, the Lower House adopted a bill to provide people with more say in the safety region.

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