Stop the war: Over 2000 people stand up

5 March 2022

Stop the war: Over 2000 people stand up

Foto: SP

On saturday a demonstration organized by the Dutch Socialist Party (SP) and the Party for the Animals (PvdD) attracted over 2000 people. On the Malieveld, there were speakers and Ukrainian folk music was played. After the demonstration, participants made a large peace sign, to support the appeal 'Stop the War'.

Besides SP leader Lilian Marijnissen, Esther Ouwehand (PvdD) also spoke as well as speakers of Ukrainian and Russian origin, various peace organizations, the Belgian Labour Party and Jong SP members.
Putin's brutal attack on Ukraine is horrifying. It's not the political elite that is affected by the war they decided to start, but always the people. We must stop this war and we must focus all our efforts on that goal. War ends at the negotiating table and not by more violence.

This article is a translation of an article on www.sp.nl

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