Mineur: European Parliament ignores social protest against TTIP

28 May 2015

Mineur: European Parliament ignores social protest against TTIP

Today the European Parliament External Trade Committee voted on sections of the trade and investment treaty currently being negotiated between the EU and the United States. Despite massive social resistance to the establishment of the Investor-State Dispute Settlement system (ISDS), the Trade Committee voted in principle to support the ISDS. The fact that the social democrats voted to back the controversial system was in particular a painful aspect for the SP. In two weeks’ time the resolution will be voted on by the entire Parliament.

Foto: SP

SP members and others demonstrate in Amsterdam against the TTIP

SP Euro-MP Anne-Marie Mineur is a member of the External Trade Committee. “The resolution does, it’s true, refer to the limited proposals from Commissioner Malmström for small amendments to the ISDS, but even these statements remain woolly and open to all sorts of interpretation. And the growing criticism of the consultation platform which gives corporations the right to be the first to respond to new regulations isn’t really adopted. The Trade Committee has shown here its worst aspect.’

Mineur points to the growing gulf between the European Parliament and the clamour coming from outside. ‘Amongst the population resistance to the way in which this treaty hands control from democratically-elected bodies to multinationals and lawyers puts regulations governing food safety, environmental standards and trade union rights in jeopardy. It’s clear that the Trade Commission completely ignores this concern. Last weekend hundreds of thousands of people across the globe took to the streets to protest against this treaty. Then there’s the 150,000 reactions to the public consultation on ISDS and the almost two million people who put their names to the Citizens’ Initiative. They have all been ignored.’

Mineur called on the public to let their voices be heard and put pressure on their elected representatives. On 10th June the entire European Parliament will vote on the resolution at its plenary.

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