Van Raak: Fast-track asylum for Snowden in the Netherlands

22 January 2015

Van Raak: Fast-track asylum for Snowden in the Netherlands

Foto: SP

The SP is asking the government to grant asylum to Edward Snowden as quickly as possible. On a Dutch news programme Snowden, still residing in Moscow, said that he was keen to come to the Netherlands and had applied for asylum, but that this had not been considered.

'Snowden has confirmed what we in actual fact already knew, that our secret services have subordinated themselves to the NSA, working in reality for the Americans and doing whatever the US wishes,’ says SP Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak. ‘This could also involve the Netherlands in American eavesdropping scandals. Our secret service the AIVD has an important role to play in keeping extremists under surveillance. But it’s irresponsible of the Americans to misuse the common fight against terrorism to spy on business people, scientists, politicians diplomats and innocent citizens from other countries. Snowden can still teach us a great deal about the naïve association of the Netherlands with the NSA and help us to be able to protect our citizens. Not only in the framework of our national security, but also for humanitarian reasons, it’s important that we offer the whistle-blower Edward Snowden a safe refuge.’

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