SP slams Greece agreement

13 July 2015

SP slams Greece agreement

The SP has expressed vehement criticism of the agreement which the EU is hoping to conclude with Greece. According to SP Member of Parliament and spokesman on EU affairs Harry van Bommel, this agreement has been signed by the Greeks with a knife held to their throats. It does nothing to solve the structural problems in the eurozone. In his first reaction, Van Bommel described the agreement as ‘anything but social’.

In the SP’s view several measures contained in the agreement will hit people on a low income and those with a low level of education particularly hard. This is especially true of the VAT increase and the reform of the labour market. Forced privatisation of state-owned enterprises will, Van Bommel argues, push Greece into a knockdown sale, while predictions of what this will bring in are wildly exaggerated. ‘The question remains as to whether this agreement will strengthen Greece’s economic position so that it can stay in the eurozone,’ he adds.

Later in the week the Dutch Parliament will debate the agreement and the SP will be seeking a clear answer to whether it will render Greece’s debts sustainable. At the same time the party’s MPs will be asking which measures previously reversed by the Greek government will be restored. The Greek government’s agreement to the terms of the accord must still be confirmed by the country’s parliament.

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