Karabulut: government must take a stand against long arm of Turkey

29 October 2015

Karabulut: government must take a stand against long arm of Turkey

On the SP’s initiative the Turkish ambassador has been summoned by the government to explain why a letter has been sent to thousands of Dutch residents of Turkish origin in which a number of promises were made, including the provision of more Turkish-language education in the Netherlands.

'The Turkish government has big plans,’ says SP Member of Parliament Sadet Karabulut. ‘They want to invest in Dutch crèches and schools, as well as intending to provide active support to MPs who would then have to serve the interests of Turks living abroad. Clear proof of an attempt at unwarranted influence.’

In the parliamentary debate on the issue, the SP demanded that Social Affairs Minister Lodewijk Asscher take a clearer stand on integration. ‘Instead of talking to organisations which actually stand in the way of integration, the minister should be coming out with serious plans for full citizenship for children of immigrants born and raised here. And it’s also high time that segregation was addressed.’

The SP also wants to see a more effective approach to Islamism and right wing extremism. Karabulut wants to know whether right wing extremism is on the rise, and what the government is doing to counter it. In addition, there should be a clear list of organisations with a jihadist agenda. Such organisations must be tackled, and guidance provided for those in the potential target group for recruitment.

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