Flight MH17: Perpetrators must be brought to justice

29 July 2015

Flight MH17: Perpetrators must be brought to justice

Foto: SP

It’s enormously disappointing that, as a result of a Russian veto, the UN Security Council has not agreed to the establishment of a special tribunal to investigate the shooting down of flight MH17 above eastern Ukraine. The SP wants assurance that the perpetrators of this crime will be brought to justice and is asking the Dutch government to take the initiative in this. ‘The most important thing is not how the perpetrators are tried, but that they are tried,’ says SP Member of Parliament Ronald van Raak.

‘It’s extremely sad that differences of opinion in the Security Council couldn’t be bridged beforehand. Relatives and friends of the victims are now confronted with a pathetic international political game. The Netherlands must do all it can to bring those responsible for the tragedy of Flight MH17 to justice. Now that isn’t going to happen via an international tribunal, other possibilities to achieve justice for the victims and their loved ones must be looked into.’

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