SP welcomes enquiry into minimum wage for all truck drivers operating in the Netherlands

11 March 2015

SP welcomes enquiry into minimum wage for all truck drivers operating in the Netherlands

Employment Minister Lodewijk Asscher is to look into the ways in which the minimum wage could be made obligatory for all truck drivers operating in the Netherlands, regardless of whether they are Dutch or come from another member state. SP Members of Parliament Paul Ulenbelt and Farshad Bashir – spokesman respectively on employment-related matters and transport – both welcomed the government’s announcement that it would examine the issue of discriminatory wages in the sector, as the SP has proposed. ‘This is a major breakthrough,’ said Bashir. ‘Hopefully it will put an end to the exploitation of foreign drivers and to Dutch drivers being priced out.’

‘Too many drivers from eastern Europe are working for a few hundred euros a month. This is not only exploitation, but also means unfair competition for Dutch drivers who are paid according to the Collective Labour Agreement (CAO) for the sector,’ says Ulenbelt. The SP wants the Netherlands to follow the German example, where, Ulenbelt says, ‘the introduction of a minimum wage for all drivers operating in the Federal Republic ensured equal employment conditions and a level playing field. The same solution could also be applied in our country. So I’m pleased that the minister intends now to take a serious look at this.’

Foto: SP

In Brussels the matter has been raised because this approach could be in conflict with the principle of free movement of persons and goods. ‘In my view there’s no question of this blocking freedom of movement within Europe,’ says Ulenbelt. All we’re saying is that if you work in our country, you should be getting the Dutch minimum wage for the job you’re doing. We note that France is also considering introducing such a law, so support at EU level for this proposal is only growing. I expect this enquiry to quickly clarify the options for the Netherlands in introducing this.’


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