Emile Roemer: Euro-orphans and jobless adults

2 Dec 2016Metal workers in the maritime industry are angry. Thousands of jobs threaten to disappear because employers en masse prefer to hire cheap labour from abroad.

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Harry van Bommel: EU must work towards alternative forms of cooperation

30 Nov 2016The European project is under threat of collapse, and from every side. Instead of further enlargement, the EU should be working on alternative forms of cooperation, argues Harry van Bommel.

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Smaling: ‘Stop exploitation at Ryanair’

30 Nov 2016The SP is urging Sharon Dijksma, Secretary of State for Infrastructure and the Environment, to intervene directly at Ryanair. The low-cost airline scandalously exploits its pilots and cabin personnel. According to SP Member of Parliament Eric Smaling, “a price war is being fought on the backs of the cabin staff. People are getting up to their ears in debt and in some cases working themselves until they are literally ill. We should not be cooperating in this.”

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Juncker’s “shoddy” approach to lobbying by ex-European Commissioners

23 Nov 2016Recent weeks have seen a flood of media coverage of scandals, with former European Commissioners in the leading roles. In order to prevent a repeat of such scandals, Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker has adopted a number of new measures. SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong isn’t satisfied by Juncker’s actions, however.

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European Parliament refuses to check CETA for clashes with EU law

23 Nov 2016The European Parliament is not doing its job, and is thus risking undermining the rule of law in Europe. This was the SP’s response to the Parliament’s refusal to subject the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) with Canada to tests of its compatibility with European law. The arbitration system established by the treaty is particularly controversial.

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Van Nispen: No to a European Public Prosecutor

23 Nov 2016The Netherlands must say no to a European Public Prosector’s Office, SP Member of Parliament Michiel van Nispen demanded during Wednesday’s parliamentary debate. “The European Union is once again demonstrating that it is insatiably hungry for new powers,” said Van Nispen. “A European PPO isn’t needed and certainly isn’t to be desired, because the member states themselves control their own criminal law and decide how to deploy the capacities of their police and prosecution services. Which criminal acts we prosecute and which we don’t, where our priorities lie, these are things that the Netherlands decides for itself and that’s how it should stay.”

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