13 December 2017

Lilian Marijnissen succeeds Emile Roemer as leader of SP parliamentary group

Foto: SP

The SP's parliamentary group this morning elected Lilian Marijnissen as its new leader. She will succeed Emile Roemer who yesterday announced his decision to hand on the leadership. Marijnissen was one of two candidates to replace him.

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12 December 2017

Symposium: Health Care in Public Hands

During the symposium we will focus on the development of healthcare in Europe and the trend towards more privatisation and less solidarity. In addition, we will dis cuss existing alternatives and good practices to enforce public healthcare.

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11 December 2017

Prevent the rise of Al Qa'ida 3.0

Last week in the Parliament in The Hague there was a hearing on the large number of civilian casualties of the struggle against ISIS. Many of those contributing pointed to the fact that after more than three years of war the terrorist group's breeding ground in Iraq has not disappeared. On the contrary, they argued, Al Qa'ida 3.0 is in the making. It's of the utmost importance that the Dutch government listen closely to this disturbing but accurate warning.

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8 December 2017

SP opposes EU-Japan agreement

The SP is alarmed by the trade treaty which the EU concluded with the Japan today. Japan is undermining international agreements on both illegal forest clearance and whaling. In addition, there are concerns about data protection for the public. To cap it all, national parliaments will have no right or opportunity to express their views on the treaty.

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6 December 2017

Mercosur treaty negotiations must stop

Foto: SP

The accuracy of the SP's concerns regarding food quality, deforestation and damage to the climate as a result of the Mercosur treaty has been confirmed in an analysis by Greenpeace, and the party is urging an end to be put to the negotiations. Greenpeace has leaked six of the fifteen chapters of the proposed treaty between the European Union and the Mercosur countries – Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

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4 December 2017

SP on the street to oppose permanent war

Foto: SP

SP members took to the streets in three cities at the weekend and on into Monday to speak out against the government's decision to prolong three military missions. Under the slogan 'Permanent war? Not in my name', flyers were distributed in The Hague, Leiden and Amsterdam.

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