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How the Netherlands made it possible to create the ‘Islamic’ nuclear bomb

29 Aug 2016Ronald van Raak: “I want rehabilitation for whistleblower Frits Veerman”

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End TTIP talks now

28 Aug 2016SP Euro-MP Anne-Marie Mineur is calling on European Commissioner Cecilia Malmström to put an immediate stop to negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Jasper van Dijk, an SP Member of the national Parliament in The Hague, is issuing the same appeal to Trade Minister Lilianne Ploumen. In an interview with German television, the country’s Minister for Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel acknowledged that since the start of the talks agreement has not been reached on a single chapter. According to Gabriel this is because the European Union will not accede to the Americans’ demands. The SP has opposed the trade treaty with the United States, as well as the CETA, the similar agreement with Canada, since the very start.

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Harry van Bommel: Support Aleppo with aid from the air

4 Aug 2016Minister of Foreign Affairs Bert Koenders warned early this week that a catastrophe of enormous proportions was threatening in Aleppo. Syria’s President Assad has the town surrounded, and 300,000 people are stuck there. Death through starvation is an immediate threat, and shortages of medicines have already cost lives. Diplomatic pressure on Assad to lift the siege and permit humanitarian aid is of course needed, but the chance of this working is small. Emergency aid from the air could be the only possible solution.

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Tensions in the Turkish-Dutch population: SP urges parliamentary hearing

27 Jul 2016The SP wants the national parliament in The Hague to organise an official hearing with Turkish-Dutch organisations over how they can contribute to reducing tensions in the Dutch-Turkish population in the wake of the failed coup d’état in their country of origin. Social Affairs Minister Lodewijk Asscher has for some time been conducting an enquiry into the management and influence on integration of a number of organisations which have close links to the Turkish government. However, while tensions between certain groups of Turkish-Dutch people are on the rise, there can be no question of a change in integration policy. “In our view the government must end any association with organisations which are extensions of Turkish politics,” says Sadet Karabulut.’

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The true face of the EU

25 Jul 2016What many in the offices in Brussels had not believed possible has nevertheless occurred: the British voted against continued membership of the European Union. The system must be transformed root-and-branch, a fact which has already been proved by the haughty nature of the reactions. Now the dust-clouds surrounding the referendum have cleared, ‘Brussels’ is showing its true face.

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Sadet Karabulut answers questions on the attempted coup in Turkey and what it means for the Netherlands

21 Jul 2016Last Friday the Turkish army attempted to effect a coup d’état to bring about the fall of the government. The coup failed, but the consequences for the country are huge. President Erdogan reacted with mass arrests, and with the suspension and sacking of tens of thousands of judges, civil servants, academics and others. Opposition news sites have been blocked and journalists’ press cards removed. Moreover, military personnel who carried out the coup have been severely maltreated. There has even been talk of reintroducing the death penalty. Meanwhile, tensions in the Netherlands are rising. Five questions to SP Member of Parliament Sadet Karabulut on the events of the past week.

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Harry van Bommel: The war which should never have begun and the perpetrators who walk free

15 Jul 2016Published last week, the Chilcot report on British involvement in the war on Iraq has demonstrated once more the immense fiasco that this rash military foreign adventure became. It speaks of moral bankruptcy that those who played the leading roles have still not, thirteen years on from the criminal decision to invade Iraq, been forced to face up to their responsibility.

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Roemer: An attack on freedom

15 Jul 2016SP leader Emile Roemer reacted with shock to the attack in Nice. “On the day that France celebrated the country's freedom, freedom was attacked,” he said. “A terrible event for all the victims, their families and the entire French people. This is an attack on everyone who wants to live in freedom. We share the sorrow of the French people, but together we must also do all we can to combat this terrorist violence.”

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Malmström puts profit before climate in TTIP

11 Jul 2016The SP is furious about freshly leaked TTIP-documents which show that the European Commission is proposing to allow shale gas on to the European market while undermining incentives to promote green energy. The documents represent the European starting position for the new round of negotiations on the controversial trade treaty taking place this week.

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