The SP Group in the Tweede Kamer (Lower House of Parliament)

A very important chapter in the history of the party was the breakthrough into the national political arena in 1994, with two SP members elected to the ‘Tweede Kamer’, Parliament’s lower house and main legislative chamber. Today the SP group in the Tweede Kamer is made up of fifteen MPs:

Emile Roemer

(1962) - Teacher. Led the SP to a position as the biggest party in his local authority area, where he was a councillor and member of the council's ruling executive from 2002 to 2007. Since entering Parliament in 2006 he has been spokesman on Transport and Waterways, but in March 2010 succeeded Agnes Kant as leader of the parliamentary group.

Renske Leijten

(1979) – Studied Dutch Language and Culture at the University of Groningen. A former chair of the SP youth organisation ROOD, she is now spokesperson for Finances, Europe and the EU, and the future of the Euro.

Ronald van Raak

(1969). Historian and philosopher with a doctorate in the history of conservatism in the Netherlands. Formerly director of the SP Research Bureau. Has written a number of books on history and philosophy. From 2003 until his election to the Tweede Kamer, he was a member of the Senate. Spokesman on Internal Affairs and affairs concerning the former Dutch Antilles and Aruba.

Sadet Karabulut

(1975) - Social administrator, formerly coordinator of drugs policy in Amsterdam and policy worker in continuing special education. Ex-member of the executive of the Turkish immigrants' organisation DIDF. Elected to Parliament in 2006, she is spokesperson for Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development Cooperation.

Jasper van Dijk

(1971) - Political scientist. Formerly university lecturer, then worked for the SP's political groups in both the Tweede Kamer and the European Parliament, at the same time representing the party on Amsterdam Council. Elected to Parliament in 2006, he is spokesperson Social Affairs, Integration and Migration.

Nine Kooiman

(1980) - Youth worker. Previously worked as ambulance auxiliary and as a counsellor to families in difficulties. Has been branch chair in Nieuwegein and a policy worker with the SP parliamentary group. She is spokesperson for Healthcare.

Michiel van Nispen

(1982) - Studied Dutch law, gained a Masters' degree in International and European Public Law, and worked in the legal profession before becoming, in 2007, a policy advisor on legal affairs for the SP's parliamentary team in the lower house. On 2nd April, 2014, he became a Member of Parliament. He is now spokesperson for Justice and Sports.

Sandra Beckerman

Sandra Beckerman (1983), Archaeologist, team leader of SP Scientific Bureau/SPark (the SP’s alternative court of auditors), and chair of the  SP-fraction in the Provincial Council of Groningen. Sandra is spokesperson for Housing, Neighbourhoods, quality of life in vulnerable areas, Energy and the consequences of gas extraction.

Frank Futselaar

Frank Futselaar (1979), Higher Vocational Education Professor. Frank Graduated in history at the University of Groningen. He was active in the National and Groningen Students‘ Union. Frank is spokesperson for Education, Agriculture and Nature Development.

Maarten Hijink

Maarten Hijink (1983), parliamentary assistant Communication for the SP in parliament. Maarten studied facilities Services at the Higher Vocational Education in Deventer and he completed a two-year master in agricultural economy and agricultural policy. Maarten is spokesperson for Economic Affairs, Industrial politics/Innovation, Trade agreements and ICT.

Peter Kwint

Peter Kwint (1984), Communication strategist and municipal councillor for the SP in Amsterdam. Peter is spokesperson for Education, Culture and Media.

Cem Lacin

Cem Lacin (1986), Union leader of the FNV. Cem is spokesperson for Infrastructure, Traffic and Environment.

Lilian Marijnissen

Lilian Marijnissen (1985), Organiser and campaign leader for the FNV (union) and municipal councillor for the SP in Oss. Lilian is spokesperson for Healthcare.

Bart van Kent

Bart van Kent (1983), parliamentary assistant Social Affairs for the SP in Parliament and Chair of the SP municipal fraction in The Hague. Bart is spokesperson for Social Affairs.

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