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Dutch Socialists in the USA

24 Jan 2015A report on the visit of SP leader Emile Roemer, General Secretary Hans van Heijningen, and former SP Senator Kees Slager to the United States.

Foto: SP

Emile Roemer and Hans van Heijningen in New York City

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Merkies: invest extra ECB money in the people, not in bubbles

22 Jan 2015The European Central Bank (ECB) is at last showing the courage to buy up EU member states’ bonds after years of having cold feet. SP Member of Parliament Arnold Merkies is positive about the ECB’s decision, but argues that the Bank must do all in its power to ensure that the money goes straight into the real economy and not into bubbles in the financial markets.

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Van Raak: Fast-track asylum for Snowden in the Netherlands

22 Jan 2015The SP is asking the government to grant asylum to Edward Snowden as quickly as possible. On a Dutch news programme Snowden, still residing in Moscow, said that he was keen to come to the Netherlands and had applied for asylum, but that this had not been considered.

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Van Bommel: ‘Government must urge Indonesia to suspend death penalty’

21 Jan 2015SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel wants to see the Netherlands urging Indonesia to abandon the death penalty. ‘Early in this year a delegation from the government, including the Prime Minister, will visit Indonesia,’ he explains. The opportunity presented by this trip to urge the suspension of the implementation of the death penalty should be grasped.’

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Refugees exposed to freezing conditions in Lebanon

20 Jan 2015From 9th to 12th January SP Member of Parliament Sharon Gesthuizen visited Lebanon, a country in which, to the normal population of 4.5 million must now be added 1.6 million Syrian refugees, many of them living under wretched conditions. ‘I travelled with the Refugee Foundation to a number of places including Bekaavallei in the east of Lebanon,’ Gesthuizen explains. ‘What we encountered there was unbelievably sad. It had been snowing really hard and the storm kept up during our visit. I’m extremely concerned about these refugees. They need urgent help to be able to protect themselves against the cold.’

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SP Senator Kox: Solidarity with Ukraine

16 Jan 2015‘The Russian annexation of the Crimea, the Russian-backed armed rebellion in the country’s east and the enormous flood of refugees form an acute menace to Ukraine’s stability. The same can be said of the spreading corruption and the absence of an independent judiciary, and the fact that as things stand the country is virtually bankrupt. Europe can’t just look away and must show solidarity.’ So said SP Senator Tiny Kox during a working visit to Kiev with a delegation from the Council of Europe. In Kiev Senator Kox spoke with the   president, prime minister and parliament of the unstable country.

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