Karabulut: ‘Resignation of Defence Minister is a logical step’

3 October 2017

Karabulut: ‘Resignation of Defence Minister is a logical step’

“Inevitable” was SP Member of Parliament Sadet Karabulut’s response to the resignation of Defence Minister Jeanine Hennis. Hennis stepped down following a parliamentary debate on the premature explosion of a mortar grenade during the Netherlands’ military incursion into Mali. The explosion caused the death of two Dutch soldiers and the serious wounding of a third. In a report by the Security Research Council, it was shown that the grenade had been rejected and should never have been in use. The Report also concluded that there was a structural problem in the organisation and culture of the Defence Ministry.

“It’s logical that Minister Hennis drew the obvious conclusion and resigned,” said Karabulut. “We must now work towards armed forces that really do prioritise the safety of their personnel. Whatever the cost the Netherlands apparently had to participate in the mission to Mali, despite the fact that it was clear that the Ministry of Defence wasn’t up to it. Political goals came before the safety of the personnel, and that’s unacceptable.”

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