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10 December 2012

Interior Minister is poor defender of our democracy

The European Commission wants to intervene extensively in the principles, organisation and finance of political parties in the Netherlands who want to take part in European elections. These controllers of Europe must from now on endorse ‘European values’. Everything and anything is permitted, as long as it’s federalist, as long as it’s neoliberal. Only if a majority in the European Parliament agree that you are European enough will you qualify for a subsidy. Otherwise, no.

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7 December 2012

SP not happy with new proposals on European political parties

On 6th December, International Anti-Corruption Day, SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong spoke at a meeting on European political parties organised by Transparency International (TI). The international anti-corruption NGO showed itself to be extremely critical of the European Commission’s proposals on political parties which they argue leave a great deal of space for bribery and careless spending. ‘I share completely Transparency International’s concerns,’ says De Jong. ‘In addition, these plans are a clear move towards a federal Europe, without this having popular support. The European parties which as a result of these proposals would acquire legal personality are artificial constructions. The proposals also open the door for EU interference in whichever national parties may participate in the European elections. This poses a great danger to the democratic tradition.’

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5 December 2012

De Jong slams failing EU approach to corruption

Dennis de Jong

The EU takes growing corruption in EU countries affected by the economic crisis ‘far from seriously enough’. This is the conclusion drawn by SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong on the eve of International Anti-Corruption Day. ‘In Greece corruption is on the rise,’ says De Jong. ‘The EU’s approach merely makes matters worse. There is a glaring shortage of financial investigators and judges. Their posts and their salaries are once again under pressure as a result of the EU’s austerity programme. The consequences can be guessed at – more corruption and less chance of being caught. If the Commission really wants to combat corruption, billions will be needed. There’s a lack of financial underpinning.’

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29 November 2012

Despite Parliamentary majority, no emergency assistance for rejected asylum seekers

29-11-2012 • SP Member of Parliament Sharon Gesthuizen describes herself as ‘deeply disappointed’ in the outcome of discussions of the budget for the department responsible for immigration and asylum. Last week a majority in Parliament lent support to a proposal from the SP requesting the provision of humane conditions for asylum seekers whose applications have been rejected after exhausting all procedures. Despite the majority vote, the Secretary of State responsible, Fred Teeven, has failed to act on the motion’s demands.

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28 November 2012

De Jong: European growth strategy promotes wrong solutions

The European Commission today presented its annual growth strategy aimed at devising a way out of the crisis. SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong, responding to the Commission’s proposals, said: ‘The European Commission appears at last to have realised that making people redundant and lowering incomes is no solution to the crisis. There are, however, no concrete measures to help people get back to work. Instead what’s once again urged is an increase in VAT, which will means ordinary people will have even less purchasing power. In short the wrong solutions are recommended, which will mean that the crisis will only deepen further.’

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28 November 2012

Majority in Parliament backs SP proposal to scrap blasphemy laws

A Parliamentary majority has voted to support a proposal from the SP to scrap the ban on blasphemy. SP Member of Parliament Jan de Wit, who proposed the repeal together with centrist party D66, said that ‘a ban on blasphemy does not belong in our criminal statutes. There is already a satisfactory law on insult and offence, so in my view we do not need this in principle unjust specific provision.’

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