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17 December 2010

Parliament supports SP: Make the Middle East Nuclear Weapon Free

The Dutch national parliament has voted to support the organisation of a conference for a nuclear weapon free Middle East. The proposal, from SP Member of Parliament Harry van Bommel, to call on the government to host such a conference was adopted by Parliament's main legislative chamber today. 'After the lunatic talk from some MPs regarding the bombing of Iran, this is an intelligent decision,’ says Van Bommel.

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16 December 2010

De Jong: approval of cannabis pass false solution to drug problem

Today’s ruling from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) authorising the issuance of a ‘cannabis pass’ entitling holders to buy limited quantities of cannabis in Maastricht’s coffee shops offers no real solution to the drug-related problem faced by border regions in the Netherlands. As things stand, anyone over 18 can buy limited quantities of soft drugs in the country’s so-called ‘coffee shops’, and the introduction of the pass, which will only be available to Dutch residents, is designed to put an end to drug-related tourism. SP-Euro-MP Dennis de Jonghas his doubts: ‘What’s needed now is a speedy proposal from the national authorities for effective regularisation and ultimately legalisation of cultivation and sale of soft drugs, instead of encouragement by the government of this false solution. A cannabis pass in Maastricht will simply lead to a ‘waterbed effect’, bouncing the problem from town to town and from the Coffeeshop to the street dealer.’

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16 December 2010

Fokking Hell

We have been told from all sides about the so-called reconstruction mission in which we are participating in the Afghan province of Uruzgan. Yesterday Dutch state TV channel gave us, with the film ‘Fokking Hell’-a film made on the basis of pictures created by the soldiers themselves- a glimpse into what has in reality been happening there. ‘Fokking Hell’ is the answer to the Ministry of Defence propaganda to which we have grown accustomed.

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15 December 2010

Europe’s political leaders let themselves be taken hostage by bankers

All of a sudden silence has descended around the euro. After a period in which government leaders and finance ministers were falling over each other to take the floor, most politicians have begun to hold their tongues. This has come about because they have quite simply agreed collectively to say nothing about the situation.

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11 December 2010

European Commission study: tough approach to soft drugs not effective

The European Commission today responded to questions from the SP by announcing a follow-up study on the effectiveness of drugs policy in the European Union member states. A previous piece of expert research demonstrated clearly that criminalisation and a tougher approach to the soft drugs trade represent a misguided approach: drug use does not diminish and the nuisance and costs to society increase. ´The Dutch government, partly as a result of pressure from the EU, is imposing austerity policies,’ says SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong. ‘European research indicates that legalisation of the controlled production and sale of soft drugs does not lead to more drug use, and at the same time would produce a great deal of revenue for the state. It would also free up more police officers for other work if they didn’t have to concern themselves with minor drug-related offences.’

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9 December 2010

Fight against corruption demands action not words

On the International Day Against Corruption, SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong issued a call for European action on the issue. ´Europe and the world as a whole are, according to Transparency International, becoming ever more corrupt. There has been enough talk. It’s now time for action. I have ten main points on which I’m working to combat corruption. Every moment of delay means profit for organised crime, which is advancing in Europe ever further.’ De Jong issued his call at a European Anti-Corruption Conference.

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