Fokking Hell

16 December 2010

Fokking Hell

We have been told from all sides about the so-called reconstruction mission in which we are participating in the Afghan province of Uruzgan. Yesterday Dutch state TV channel gave us, with the film ‘Fokking Hell’-a film made on the basis of pictures created by the soldiers themselves- a glimpse into what has in reality been happening there. ‘Fokking Hell’ is the answer to the Ministry of Defence propaganda to which we have grown accustomed.

By Jan Marijnissen

I didn’t see any schools, nor did I see any waterworks, nothing that appeared to be under construction. I did see large numbers of bullets, grenades, and a war. I saw soldiers on a battle mission, tough lads, heavy artillery and coarse language. Machine gun salvoes and a dog shot to pieces gave the ‘Dutch approach’ a new face.

Our approach has also brought about a sea of troubles. We have humiliated people, ruined families, and taken many lives. This was no mission of reconstruction, this was an ordinary war, without purpose. Oh yes, the US found what we did splendid, and the corrupt Karzai was always happy with our free military assistance.

I’m talking about the soldiers in Afghanistan who are putting or have put their lives in jeopardy. They are performing the impossible task given to them by politicians and have been sent into a hell from which some will never return. In ‘Fokking Hell’ we saw the actual pictures of a ‘reconstruction mission’ being conducted. This was the unmasking of all those politicians who continue to serve up lies about this hopeless war to our people and our soldiers.

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