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9 July 2004

International Court of Human Rights Judgement clear: Bot must accept the Court’s decision and act accordingly

The International Court of Human Rights (ICHR) has determined that Israel’s building of the wall in the occupied Palestinian Territory is against international law. According to the Court, Israel cannot fall back on the right of self-defence. The Israelis were enjoined by the Court to respect the rights of the Palestinian people and thus uphold the rules of international law. The wall must therefore be demolished. “It’s time that Foreign Minister Bernard Bot showed the courage to draw the right conclusions from this judgement and to act accordingly,” said Socialist Party (SP) MP Harry van Bommel.

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5 July 2004

Facts don’t support the idea that the EU is lagging behind the US

Netherlands Economics Minister Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst is constantly harping on about Europe’s poor economic performance relative to the US. This is a completely inaccurate picture designed to soften the Dutch people up for savage attacks on their social security and welfare system, argues Dutch Socialist Party leader Jan Marijnissen.

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24 June 2004

US says NO to international inspection of Guantanamo

The government of the United States refuses any access to its prisoners camp in Guantanamo for international delegations. Therefore the planned fact finding mission of members of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO had to be cancelled, after it was already postponed for several times. Dutch SP senator Tiny Kox, who would participate in this mission, has asked the Dutch government in what way the much discussed prisoners camp should now be inspected to see whether international treaties and conventions are respected or not by the Americans. Dutch minister of foreign affairs Ben Bot raised the issue already twice with his American colleague Powell but until now without success.

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20 June 2004

SP prepares to campaign for a ‘No’ to proposed EU Constitution

Last Friday, government leaders from the EU’s member states reached agreement over the European Constitution. This ‘result’ was achieved by the familiar means of leaving controversial questions – such as sanctions for breaking the rules of the contentious Growth and Stability Pact – poorly resolved. The SP intends to launch a campaign against this constitution.

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15 June 2004

Erik Meijer and Kartika Liotard will represent the SP in Brussels and Strasbourg

The SP delegation in the Group of the United European Left-Nordic Green Left (GUE-NGL) in the European Parliament will, in the coming session, consist of current MEP Erik Meijer and the newly-elected Kartika Liotard, a result confirmed yesterday by the Election Council.

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24 May 2004

Parliamentarians refused permission to visit Guantanamo

Since receiving an invitation in his capacity as a member of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Dutch Socialist Party (SP) Senator Tiny Kox has been looking forward to visiting the US concentration camp at Guantanamo Bay. Unfortunately, the Bush junta has decided not to allow parliamentarians to visit the site.

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