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29 September 2004

Strong criticism after Kroes hearing

The European Parliament has announced that it expects Neelie Kroes to clear up a number of points regarding three separate matters before the Plenary Sitting in Strasbourg on 27th October. It is at this Plenary, a meeting which brings together the whole of the Parliament’s membership, that a vote will be taken as to whether her nomination for the position of Commissioner for Competition Policy is acceptable.

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27 September 2004

Neelie Kroes ‘not fit to be European Commissioner’


The Dutch government should withdraw the candidature for the European Commission of former government minister Neelie Kroes, according to Dutch Socialist Party MEP Erik Meijer. Mr Meijer, one of the 41-strong United Left Group (GUE-NGL), argues that “an ever-growing list of complaints about Ms Kroes’s past has cast doubt on her independence and integrity.” He cites Evidence regarding incorrect conduct surrounding the sale of six ships during her presidency of an export board as being “enough to prove that Kroes placed her own interests above the general good”.

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17 September 2004

Trade Union Federation and SP protest at asbestos producer James Hardie’s shareholders’ meeting

This morning the SP, together with workers of the FNV, the Netherlands’ main trade union federation, took action during the shareholders’ meeting of asbestos firm James Hardie in Amsterdam. Also present at the protest were representatives of a number of Australian and British trade unions and the chairmen of the Dutch and Australian Asbestos Committees. One of the firm’s victims, who suffers from asbestosis, spoke during the meeting, calling on shareholders to face up to their responsibilities.

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3 September 2004

Agriculture Minister Veerman indifferent to animal welfare

Dutch Agriculture Minister Cees Veerman, current holder of the Presidency of the Eu Council of Agriculture Ministers, has categorically refused to commit himself to establishing a maximum time for the transport of farm animals. The refusal came in answer to a question from SP Euro-MP Kartika Liotard, who described his failure to seize the opportunity to limit travel times as “scandalous”.

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16 August 2004

EU Constitution is a political programme

A massive “no” in the referendum – a “no” to what is in reality no constitution but instead a neoliberal manifesto – would be good for Europe.

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12 July 2004

EU Commission must drop renewed attempt to liberalise ports

The SP’s European Parliamentary Group has expressed its "extreme disquiet" over a renewed attempt by European Commissioner De Palacio to liberalise dockwork in European harbours. Unqualified dockworkers would, under the proposals, be permitted to perform tasks currently reserved for properly trained and qualified personnel. Almost precisely the same proposals last year provoked mass resistance from European dockworkers, leading to the measure’s rejection by the European parliament.

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