Enough! – A socialist bites back

In his book Enough! – a socialist bites back, SP-chairman Jan Marijnissen summarises and internationalises his opposition against the ideological mainstream in today's politics throughout the world. Neoliberalism, argues Marijnissen, causes the return of 19th century social and democratic circumstances. Who does not agree, has the duty to stand up and say: enough! The book was first published in 1996, but Marijnissen added three new chapters in 2006.

  • Read the review of the late Britsh Labour MP Tony Benn wrote about Enough!
  • Download Enough! – A socialist bites back (PDF)
  • Enough! has also been published in Greece by Antilogos, under the title: Αρκετά! Ο σοσιαλισμός αντεπιτίθεται

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