An activist party

The SP tries to attract the support of as many voters as possible, because this gives a more powerful voice within the institutions of parliamentary democracy. We are not, however, merely an electoral platform. If you want to change society for the better, there is a great deal of work to be done outside as well as inside parliament, provincial assembly and council chamber, on both the national and local level.

We are active in campaigns against high rents and bad working conditions, and for the protection of the environment and better health care for all; against further erosion of social security and for a reasonable income for everyone; for equivalence of opportunity, against the growing worldwide divide between rich and poor and for a more caring society.

… acting together

We are committed to be always easily accessible for all, whether through contacting our parliamentary group in The Hague, approaching the local branch, or through other sections of our party, such as our Research Bureau. The SP Help-line is there for people who are having problems with their boss or landlord, the local council or tax collectors. We can often bring complainants together, finding a basis for common actions: acting together always makes you stronger. Many SP members are active in their works’ council and trade union, working with colleagues to demand safe working conditions and a decent wage.

For public ownership

In a society where the market is acquiring ever more power and the state and public authorities have ever less, the SP stands firmly behind the principle of public ownership. Where the free market rules, money
and might make right. Access to health care, education, cultural events, social security and transport are becoming increasingly dependent on a person’s wealth. This kind of social divide should have no place in a civilised society. Therefore we oppose the sell-off of publicly-owned enterprises, the farming out of public services and the loss of any democratic control over the direction of our society.

International work

The SP maintains good contacts with progressive organisations throughout the world, exchanging views and co-operating across borders on issues such as war and peace, globalisation and the unfair division of wealth in the world. In 2005 the SP was the backbone of the successful ‘no’-campaign against the European Constitution in the Netherlands. The SP has taken part in the international campaigns against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and combats multinational corporations that undermine working conditions and pollute the environment.

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