SP youth launches mbo-manifesto

19 June 2023

SP youth launches mbo-manifesto

Foto: SP

At regional training centre ROC Twente, SP Jongeren (young SP members) launched a manifesto titled "We deserve it” for students at mbo (senior secondary vocational education) centres. The manifesto calls for more appreciation for mbo students. Mbo students, former students, parents and everyone who thinks mbo students should get the appreciation they deserve are called upon by SP Jongeren to sign the manifesto. This summer, SP Jongeren will be rallying support throughout the country.

Mbo students always come off worst. Internship fees are low, public transportation is poor, they are excluded from student associations and clubs. Moreover, politics and the media look down on these students. This manifesto in which many students are already involved should put an end to this.

Many mbo students expressed their support during the manifesto launch. There was much recognition of the problems they face, being excluded or not even recognized. The manifesto calls for valuing and rewarding work and internships, to stop internship discrimination, good public transportation to schools, no exclusion from student cafes and associations, and to stop seeing mbo students as “low-educated”.

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