SP Congress adopts modernized programme of principles 'The Whole of Humanity’

3 June 2023

SP Congress adopts modernized programme of principles 'The Whole of Humanity’

Foto: SP

At the 27th SP congress today in Apeldoorn, the party updated its programme of principles 'The Whole of Humanity’.

The programme of principles sets out our core values and our vision for society. In the new charter, democratic control is key. Radical democratisation is badly needed for people to regain control over their neighbourhoods, work and life.

Well-known lawyer Eva González Pérez was awarded the Golden Oar by SP leader Lilian Marijnissen for her gigantic efforts on behalf of the parents of the benefits scandal. With the Golden Oar, the SP puts people in the spotlight who row against the current. Eva González Pérez has meant a lot to parents and children in the benefits scandal by defending them and bringing the scandal to light.

Marijnissen talked about democracy and control with professor of constitutional and administrative law Wim Voermans, SP MP Mahir Alkaya, SP member Marie-Thérèse Janssen and Stephan Jersch of the Die Linke.
As an SP member from the very beginning Peter van Zutphen was presented with the Golden Tomato by SP chairman Jannie Visscher. He received this award for his great merits for the SP and the people he stands up for. His family was there to surprise Van Zutphen with this award.

International attention

The renewal of ‘The Whole of Humanity’ attracted interest from socialist parties all over the world. Delegations from different countries were present to watch the SP redefine its socialism for the 21st century.

SP board member Sebastiaan van den Hout briefed the delegations on idea behind renewal of ‘The Whole of Humanity’, the process it took and the outcome it delivered. During a panel meeting visited by various internationally oriented SP-members our guest exchanged their analysis and ideas about the various crises within global capitalism and the solutions socialists should put forward.

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