First reaction to the fourth Rutte cabinet

15 December 2021

First reaction to the fourth Rutte cabinet

Foto: Joshua Versijde

The new cabinet is not going to solve people's problems. The fourth Rutte cabinet is an unreliable new start of the third Rutte cabinet. They are exactly the same parties, the same ideas and the same persons. How are they to provide solutions to the problems they caused themselves? They are unlikely to solve the benefits scandal, the housing shortage or the health care crisis.

Knife in the back of healthcare
This fourth Rutte cabinet wants to cut nearly five billion euros from healthcare, salaries of healthcare providers will not be increased, the deductible will remain at 385 euros and this cabinet is doing nothing to take the market out of our healthcare system. We cannot accept this. This is a knife in the back of healthcare. Together with the care sector, we will take action.

The bill goes up while confidence goes down
Minimum wage are barely increasing and old age pensions are not rising. Pensions have been lagging behind for years. But the cost of our groceries, energy bills and rents go up dramatically. The third Rutte cabinet had to resign because of their huge failure in the benefits scandal. It is now to continue with the same parties as if nothing had happened. Less than 30 percent of the Netherlands people still trust the government.

We can and must do things differently. Fight with us!
It is time for real solutions. We have those solutions ready. Investing in health care, no more free-market health care and cooperation must be the norm. We will lower rents and build affordable housing. We will tackle the social divide. The super-rich and the big profit-making companies will pay their fair share. But above all: honest politics standing up for people. This is what we desperately need now.

Join the fight.

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