Together we take a stand against the housing crisis

18 October 2021

Together we take a stand against the housing crisis

Foto: SP

On the 17th of October, we took a stand together at the housing protest in Rotterdam against the housing crisis and for affordable housing. A house is for living in, not for getting rich. Together we stood up to the parties that have turned our homes into a 'housing market'. A house is not a revenue model. We want investors' power destroyed, rent capped, landlord levies abolished, and affordable housing built.

When we stand strong together, they can no longer ignore us. This year, we witnessed that on the 1st of July, when something happened that hasn't happened since 1959, they froze the rent of social housing and student accommodation. The rent freeze on the 1st of July didn't come about without a struggle. The SP campaigned together with tenants for more than a year. With the slogan '0 is enough', the SP organised an online demonstration in The Hague in which thousands of tenants from all over the country took part. The SP proposal to freeze rent was passed three times in the First Chamber. Minister Ollongren refused to implement it, triggering a historical motion of censure. In the end, the Dutch Parliament voted in favour of the rent freeze proposal, which was implemented on the 1st of July.

For a long time now, the SP has been campaigning with the public for better housing conditions. This is also the case with the residents of the Tweebos neighbourhood in Rotterdam. Mustapha, Mirjam and Edwin live there. Their houses are being demolished and replaced by expensive housing. Houses that many people can't afford, and thus driving people with low incomes out of the city. Lilian Marijnissen had talked to them previously. Watch it here.

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