SP: Vote of no confidence against state secretary Broekers-Knol

6 October 2021

SP: Vote of no confidence against state secretary Broekers-Knol

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Ministers Kaag and Bijleveld resigned in September because of the slow evacuation of Afghans who risked their own lives working for the Netherlands. State Secretary Broekers-Knol was involved in this as the person responsible for refugee policy but felt she could stay on.
After an interview last weekend, in which Broekers-Knol again showed unwillingness to implement the wishes of the House, SP MP Jasper van Dijk had had enough: 'A State Secretary who constantly impedes the evacuation, and juggles with figures has lost the SP's trust. Three strikes and you are out. That is why I have tabled a motion of no confidence.'

Thousands of Afghans were forced to remain in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country. The Netherlands presented an evacuation plan far too late, despite the wishes of the House. 'A State Secretary who has been a part of this and subsequently also manages to be laconic about it is not fit for office. You cannot keep spreading incorrect information and then correct it half-heartedly in a flawed and careless manner. We have to draw the line somewhere.'

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