At Belgian Festival ManiFiesta: Raising awareness on the threat of nuclear rearmament 

1 October 2021

At Belgian Festival ManiFiesta: Raising awareness on the threat of nuclear rearmament 

Foto: Krista van Velzen

ManiFiesta, the festival of solidarity, was organised for the 11th time this year by PVDA, the SP's Belgian sister party. The SP was also present, to raise awareness about the fight against nuclear weapons, among other things.

More than 15,000 visitors were able to move about the festival grounds in Ostend, Belgium, in a corona-safe fashion. They were treated to interesting international speakers, artists, stalls with information and political merchandise and all kinds of small performances and entertainment. An SP delegation was present in the International Tent. There, they had extensive discussions with other international guests about the party and current political developments in the world. Chairperson Jannie Visscher and General Secretary Arnout Hoekstra met with PVDA chairperson Peter Mertens. They presented him with the book 'Stel een daad', about the origins of the SP and the development of modern socialism.

In collaboration with the Belgium peace organizations Intal en Vrede, the SP surprised visitors with a flash mob; sirens went off and people in protective clothing told visitors to take cover, while Krista van Velzen, among others, spoke about the urgent problems surrounding nuclear weapons.
She called for participation in the international bicycle demonstrations against nuclear weapons in Volkel and Kleine Brogel on the 25th and 26th of September. Visitors had the opportunity to contribute by cycling for 100 seconds on a spinning bicycle. According to the 'doomsday clock', the world is 100 seconds away from a self-inflicted end of civilization due to the increased nuclear threats.

More information about the doomsday clock: sp.nl/clock

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