SP success: Solar panels on as many roofs as possible

22 June 2021

SP success: Solar panels on as many roofs as possible

Last week, the parliament supported a proposal by the SP to place solar panels on as many roofs as possible. Earlier, the SP presented a plan for 'sun on all roofs' ('zon op alle daken'). SP MP Renske Leijten: 'It is imperative that we fight the climate crisis. With this adopted proposal, we do this in a way that includes people instead of forcing them to bear the costs. Moreover, with this plan, the energy bill can also be reduced.'

The SP commissioned the CE Delft research institute to investigate how much renewable energy could be generated if all suitable roofs were used. They estimated a potential of between 19 and 35 TWh, which can already be generated annually. This means that rooftop solar panels can generate at least 92% of what households currently use, but it would likely be more or even much more than households currently use.

Leijten: 'There is so much potential for generating energy on rooftops. Solar panels are not nearly as invasive as windmills, for example, and even yield a profit. Our adopted proposal is an example of climate justice and, as far as we are concerned, the best way to implement climate policy fairly'. The SP's proposal ensures that the government must commit itself to harness the potential for solar panels on roofs.

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