Alkaya: No government support when company’s CEO receives bonuses

9 June 2021

Alkaya: No government support when company’s CEO receives bonuses

Foto: SP

Companies provided with government support during the COVID-crisis should not be paying bonuses. If they still do, they must be excluded from any future support payed for by taxpayers. That is the proposition that SP-representative Mahir Alkaya will be making during the 'accountability debate' held today in the house of representatives.
Alkaya: 'We see it happening at Booking.com, we see it at KLM; moneygrubbing directors who, despite their business accepting billions in COVID-related government support, are still receiving millions in bonuses. Because many major CEOs lack a moral compass, it befalls the government to set a clear course here. Companies who's directors get bonuses while receiving taxpayer money, as far as I'm concerned, will be excluded from future support measures, will not be invited along on trade missions, and will not be receiving financing from the national growth fund any longer. If the cabinet only keeps barking at these CEOs, but never bites, then the SP will.'

In the 'accountability debate' there has been discussion about enormous support packages for companies, in order to avert lay-offs. Alkaya sees this as a victory of left wing ideas, executed by regretful right wing optants, which have however in practice included many mistakes and shortfalls. 'After the 2008 financial crisis, there came rapid and harsh austerity measures in order to get the state finances back in order. A right wing notion. The results were hundreds of thousands of people unemployed and a comatose economy. Regretful right wing optants, who rode hard for austerity during the previous crisis, have learned from the disastrous results of their reduction-policy, and now, during the covid-crisis, they have spent billions in order to prevent unemployment. That can, without a doubt, be called a triumph of left wing ideas.'

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