Statement of solidarity with progressive journalism in India

2 March 2021

Statement of solidarity with progressive journalism in India

In a statement the SP expresses its solidarity with the staff and readers of progressive Indian news site News Click, who’ve felt victim to increased intimidation by the far-right Indian Government. 

The rightwing Indian government led by president Narendra Modi has started a crackdown against News Click. Under the instigation of the hindutva fanatic BJP led government, law enforcement agencies have raided the office of Click News in New Delhi. Fitting into a trend of anti-democratic behavior by this government, the raid is seen as an attempt to intimidate and startle the movement for independent journalism in India.

In a written statement, SP International Secretary Arnout Hoekstra and MP Sadet Karabulut declare their solidarity with News Click, as well as all people who oppose the increasing anti-democratic tyranny of far-right president Narendra Modi. The SP stands shoulder to shoulder with the people of India who work tirelessly for a society based on equality, human dignity and solidarity. 

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