SP wants parliamentary inquiry in social benefits affair: for a fair government

20 January 2021

SP wants parliamentary inquiry in social benefits affair: for a fair government

Foto: SP

In the debate regarding the fall of the cabinet because of the social benefits affair, SP-leader Lilian Marijnissen suggested a parliamentary inquiry. The heaviest means the parliament has. Marijnissen: ‘If you say ‘never again’ it’s vital that we understand what has happened and how we can prevent it in the fraud hunt. Then we can learn lessons from the past and draw conclusions to ensure this will never happen again in the future. And only then can we build toward a fair government.'

With a parliamentary inquiry everything regarding the social benefits affair can be examined. There are still many questions to be answered, for example who knew what, when, but also on discrimination within the tax authorities. ‘Thousands of parents and their children were crushed by the government. They stood no chance. The facts as we know them now are so serious that a next step cannot wait. In the interest of the parents, but also in that of democracy and rule of law.’

Children’s Funds: A clean slate for children
Ten years of Rutte has left its traces. Not only parents have been affected by the social benefits affair, especially children have become victims of it. ‘These children are now lagging behind as a consequence and deserve a clean slate. Finally, there’s now 200 million euros for these children. We want this 200 million to go to the children completely, and not yet again to expensive consultants. For example, to pay their studies so they can invest in their future. The parents had no fault in being falsely accused of fraud, but the thousands of children even less so.’

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