European Commission refuses to take action in response to tough motion on Selmayr

18 April 2018

European Commission refuses to take action in response to tough motion on Selmayr

Immediately after today's adoption by the European Parliament of a tough resolution criticising the way in which Martin Selmayr was appointed Secretary General of the European Commission, the Commission issued a press release stating in effect that it would take no action in response. “It's a pity that the Parliament renounced its most important weapon, the postponement of approval of the Commission's accounts. Inadvisedly, as it now appears, because Juncker's Commission is sticking stubbornly to its arrogant position,” says SP Euro-MP Dennis de Jong.

“They claim to have done everything  by the book and Selmayr will stay in post, at least for the time being. The motion apparently had no effect, despite the fact that the Parliament also adopted my amendment calling on the Commission to recognise that its image has been damaged by the procedure it followed and its statements in relation to that. But this clearly made no impact. So Juncker had better stop going on about 'European democracy'.”  

Two other amendments proposed by De Jong were rejected. “The Parliament didn't have the courage to include my suggestion that Juncker should ask Selmayr to voluntarily refrain from using the title Secretary-General until the enquiry into his appointment is completed,” De Jong laments. “But even without that addition the motion does still call for a reassessment of the appointment. This the Commission completely rejects, and their attitude is downright insolent.”

The second proposal which was rejected concerned political appointment within the Parliament itself. According to De Jong “this of course weakens things at a time when nine directorial appointments are lined up in the EP Secretariat which could also be seen as political appointments. The staff have emphatically requested that these appointments be thrown open but their petition has received no response. This too is concerning, It's a good thing that the rules which make political appointments in EU institutions possible are up for revision. I'll keep fighting against the continuation of political appointments in the EP, too.”

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