SP, Labour and Green Left call for halt to investments in nuclear arms

12 January 2018

SP, Labour and Green Left call for halt to investments in nuclear arms

On Thursday the biggest of the Netherlands' pension funds, ABP, which caters for civil servants and teachers, announced that it was ceasing all investment in nuclear weapons. Expressing her delight at the decision, SP Member of Parliament Sadet Karabulut said: “After years of campaigning by peace activists, the ABP has now come around. The campaigners deserve not only our congratulations but also our support in the fight for a world free of nuclear weapons.”

Under the title ‘Don’t Bank on the Bomb’, peace group PAX publishes research annually into banks' and pension funds' investments in nuclear arms production. ABO invests millions, but this is also true in the case of the pension fund AEGON, and the banks ING and ABNAMRO. “It's high time that these companies accepted their responsibilities and followed ABP's example,” said Karabulut. “We want to make the world better, more sustainable and safer for future generations and you can't do that with nuclear weapons, weapons that could completely destroy the human race.”

Sadet Karabulut, former PvdA (Labour Party) trade and development minister Lilianne Ploumen and Green Left MP Bram van Ojik have together written to the three companies' directors calling on them to follow ABP's example and stop investing nuclear arms.

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