Emile Roemer: Give us our money back

16 November 2017

Emile Roemer: Give us our money back

Shell and the employers’ organisation VNO-NCW want it. That’s all the support needed for a gift of €1,400 million to foreign investors and tax services.

Just think for a moment what we could do with such an enormous sum. We could invest in teachers, who have the right to a better salary and a lighter workload. The personal payments for health care could be done away with, or rents lowered.

But this government listens only to the multinationals, which has made our country a deliciously inviting prospect for big capital. Big corporations use our country to avoid paying tax on their profits. Hundreds of billions of euros are channelled through the Netherlands each year by big companies.

It is estimated that, as a result of these actions by a powerful elite of millionaires and multinationals, the Netherlands loses €10 billion per year in tax revenues. We've become, therefore, a tax haven for the few. At your expense. Because if big corporations pay less tax, you have to pay more.

It's time the Netherlands put people before multinationals. We don't want to be a tax haven for big capital. We'll put a stop to tax deals with multinationals. Whoever transfers property or wealth abroad with the sole aim of paying less tax, will have to show good cause. And we won't be giving away €1.4 billion to other countries.

Together we demand the return of our money. Because with that money we will build a land for everyone!

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